No gig in may!


Seems like the gig in Katrineholm is cancelled.

Complaints from neighbors looks like the cause.

Gig in may!


Yepp, we are going to rock in Katrineholm 25/5.

Can't wait!


New year and then some....


Yepp, all Failers, a new year is here and the RFATF machine

is going forward as usual. We promise, the new album is

on the way.


New video is up!


If you missed us at Mozzarella in Flen you can now check out

the Sounds, Pics & Vids section to watch RFATF play The Misfits song, Teenagers from Mars.


Next in line!


Okey, Flen is all gigged out, so we are now setting our sights at Biografbaren 26/12. Happy christmas and all that!


Flen, your next!


Yes, RFATF will guest Mozzarella in Flen saturday 24 nov.


Back at it!


RFATF live i Eskilstuna, Biografbaren, lördag 22 sep.


Wanna see us?

July 2018

You wanna see RFATF live this summer? Well, the 25 aug will we jam in Eskilstuna, Torshälla, Chill in the garden. If you are nearby, swing on by!



July 2018

We are ready to lay down some vocals and back-up vocals as well. Then it will be time to mix that will the third full length RFATF beast.


Yep yep!

June 2018

We have decided to mix in some of favorite rock and punk songs into our live set. We will record some of them so you can get an idea of what is sounds like. Some of the artist we are going to interpret in a RFATF style is The Ramones, D.A.D., UK Subs, Misfits and some more……./RFATF


Rob Farley and The Failers - RFATF, Eskilstuna, Sweden, 2014 - 2019